Sunday, April 6, 2008

Birthdays AKA What!? Taylor can't be 15.


The kids with Taylor's cake.


Kay enjoying Daddy's cake.

Jeff had his 36th on March 29th and Taylor had his 15th on April 6th. Yep that's right I said 15th. How the heck did that happen? Taylor can't possibly be 15. I am not that old. He will be able to start driving soon. Ahhhh!

We had a quiet celebration at home. I made a cake then had to go to work. Taylor got to go see the superhero movie with his Grandma. We are going to do a double birthday for Cam and Tay later when it is nicer weather. Taylor is a pretty awesome 15 year old. 100_6330

Jeff on his birthday.


Kay likes cupcakes.


Cam does too.


The cake for Taylor that Cam decorated. It has a giant fake candle on top.

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