Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Group picture Christmas

Moving earth

Karen and Bobby Cretificate of appreciation for work at the Murrah Building site

Karen and Bobby


Silly face

On Monday morning we were all starting to feel a little better so we went ahead and gave Kay her birthday cake and let her open a gift. Later that day I went back to work after being out for several days. Three hours after I got there I got the call. Bobby had passed away at home where he wanted to be. Where he had lived since he was a little boy. He wasn't suffering any more.

I was in with a patient when I got the call. So I took a moment to get it together and then got back to work. I didn't tell anyone because we are so short staffed I didn't think I would be able to go home. A bit later my Mom called and I tried to tell her but I started to cry. My co-workers saw that I was upset and asked me what was going on. Then they covered my patient for me and sent me home. I work with some really great people.

Jeff was really glad to see me. My Mom came over and watched the kids so we could go over to the house. The funeral will be February 2nd.

For the 2nd time in two weeks I got some time off. It is sad that you have to be sick and infectious or have a death in the family to get a few days away from work.

The kids and I last saw Bobby at Christmas. We are so glad we had that time and that he was able to come for Thanksgiving. On Friday the 25th he lost consciousnes and did not wake up again. We are getting ready for the funeral. I helped Jeff make a slide show of pictures and citations from the city honoring the work Bobby did. One of his accomplishments was helping at the site of the Murrah building bombing by clearing debris and prepairing the site for the memorial.

His best accomplishment was being a great guy who loved his kids, grandkids, and his wife of 22 years. They met on Friday the 13th but they didn't let that deter them. They were neighbors and Karen decided to bring over a german chocolate cake she made. He said he was on a diet but she could go ahead a leave the cake anyway. I guess the rest is history.

We will miss him but we are glad he isn't suffering anymore.

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