Monday, January 28, 2008

Sorry I have been M.I.A. and Kaylynne's TWO!

Kay made a cake ring.

What a fun mess.

Cam eats cake and plays the candy land game we gave Kay for her gift.

This is her actual birthday. You can see her runny nose and feverish little face.

She is looking a little better here with the gang.

Butterfly cake.

OK, I have been sick and, well, everyone's been sick actually, and super busy as usual. So I kept wanting to write a new blog but never quite finding the time to sit at the computer, or form a coherent thought for that matter. Then I kept thinking of new topics to write about and scribbling my ideas on scraps of paper to add later. Well, then I had so many I felt a little overwhelmed so it has sorta been snowballing. Well, we have had a lot going on. So enough is enough I have to get started.

Soooo here is my very belated blog about sister's 2nd birthday. I am gonna cheat and back date it so it looks like I am really on top of things when in actuality I am transcribing this from my notes on 2-9-08. Shhh, that parts a secret. I wouldn't want to look like a slacker.

January 25th 2008

Kaylynne is two years old today!! How did that happen? She has grown so much and the time has flown by. What a beautiful, delightful, perfect, little girl she is. She is walking and talking which is amazing to me. Think about where we were a year ago, well, even 6 months ago. Wondering when she would walk, when she would talk. I know what a fighter she is, what a strong little person she is. So I knew she would do it in her own time. It brings a tear to my eye to see her dancing, running, signing, singing, and talking. I wonder if she can ever comprehend how loved she is.

Her therapists cut down the number of visits because she is doing so well. She is still considered slightly speech delayed but she is pretty much caught up on her gross motor skills. I just knew once she turned two the light bulb would go on and she would start talking all the time. Both the boys really took off on their vocabulary at age two. I already know she understands because she signs to us.

So I came in to get her ready for bed and I said and signed where is your blanket? She signed “Where” for the first time then pointed and said “Right there”. I love it!

She went in Cams room and did a puzzle. I signed each item to her -- truck, boat, train, “You are doing a puzzle!” I showed her the sign for puzzle. When she put in the last piece I said “Yeah! You did it”. She said “Yeah, I did it” and started to clap for herself. WOW! She isn't just repeating, she said an entire sentence and reacted appropriately to it. She is so smart! I knew it all along but how fun it is to see her blossoming like the beautiful little butterfly she is.

Well, we didn't do much for a party. Everyone has been sick. Cam, Kay, and I have the respiratory thing. I have a sinus infection, ear infection, strep and bronchitis. The little ones have a cough and runny nose. I was on so much medication I slept for two days. Taylor and Jeff have the stomach flu. I am sure once we start to get better we will all trade. So poor Kay didn't have a real exciting birthday. I did drag myself out of bed and make her a butterfly cake. She got to open a few gifts and finger-paint with cake so she was happy.

Also Bobby has been very sick so it just felt strange to have a big party. We haven't been able to go over and see him because we are sick and don't want to give him any of our gunk. Jeff has been going over every day and bringing food. Mostly pasta salad, that’s everyone’s favorite, but I made a big lasagna too.

Kay doesn’t care about a big party she is just happy to be with the people who love her. She is such a sweet little bit of yummyness. How the past two years have flown.

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