Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I can get a lot done when I have 2 days off.

Day 2 of my "weekend" (my weekend is Tuesday and Wednesday if I am lucky and don't get called in to work) I finished cleaning most of my house, got Kay's new braces, took Kay and Cam for a play date at Aunt Sarah's house, spent some quality time with Cam and re-attached the trim in the hallway. We also bought and installed a new faucet for the kitchen sink.

Old faucet.
Installing new faucet.

Enjoying new faucet.

Today was Kay's day to be grumpy. We spent so much time running around she was a bit wound up and wouldn't take a nap. She had fun at Sarah's though. Sarah and Courtney are doing great. They have the house looking really nice and are fixing up the bedrooms and bathrooms. I didn't see that part of the house because it was in various states of demolition but I am sure it will look great when it is finished. They always pick such cute colors.

Amber was also there so Cam got to play with her daughter, Marie. They play really well together. I guess that will probably be one of the last times I see Amber since she doesn't work with Jeff anymore and she is moving out of Sarah and Courtney's place. She was showing me pictures of Marie when she was a baby. Weird coincidence, Amber is God-Mother to Mike's (my ex boyfriend from high school) daughter. So she is showing me pictures of this girl and then Sarah says "Yeah, that's Mike's daughter". Apparently Amber is close friends with the girl's mother. Weird and very small little planet we live on huh?

Watching the balloons at Aunt Sarah's house.

She caught one.

Cam and Marie.
Babies! A gaggle of kids.
Playing duplos.
Kay asleep in the car on the way home.
Cam too. Silence is golden sometimes.

Kay loves her new SMO's they have butterflies on them and purple straps. When Dr. Gary took them out of the package she yelled Ba-flies then hugged them. I am glad she got her bigger ones because she started toe walking about a week and a half ago. Not a good thing. I am trying not to panic but it is something to monitor. She is low tone not high tone so she shouldn't have the toe walking issues. Hopefully it is due to her old braces not fitting so well and will stop now that she has the new ones. Maybe she is just practicing being a ballerina.
Kay's new (bottom) and old (top) SMO's. You can see how much bigger the new ones are but when you consider she had the first pair for 9 months her foot really didn't grow that much. I guess she will just have small feet. I am a size 5 or 6 so I guess that's not too surprising.

Kay's new shoes and SMO's. Scary how expensive something so small can be. Total cost for SMOs and fittings - 2,582. Thank Goodness for my excellent insurance benefits. Our cost 40.00 for the shoes.

So when we get new SMO's of course we have to get new shoes to fit them. So off to Brown's shoe company. This time they had some of the special super wide shoes with pink and silver trim. She was so happy. She really wanted the sandals with butterflies on them but she liked the sneakers too. Also, I had a pair of pink Chucks I got from a garage sale before I was even pregnant with Kay. I was hoping I could find a use for them. They happen to fit over her braces as well. They are not as supportive but OK for sometimes wear. They are so cute.
Kay dancing away from me because she knows I have the camera.
Kay running past me because she knows I have the camera.

Piano break. Finally caught her running towards me. That girl is hard to take pictures of!

Cam had been feeling left out because of my spending time with Taylor at the high school and with Kay while he is at school so we had a Mommy and me date. He picked going out for Rusty's frozen custard and renting a movie at Hastings. I also bought him a book. We had fun. It was nice to get to spoil Cam a little. I don't get to spend enough time with him with my work schedule being so crazy.
Cam enjoying his custard.
Kay enjoying my custard, the little thief.
Reading Cam his new book.

When we got home he was my big helper. He helped me nail in the trim in the hallway. I had to take it off when I pulled up the carpet. Now the hardwood floors look really nice with the trim put back on.

Cam, my helper, put the nails in the holes and helped hold the hammer.

It was another really nice day. Hopefully Kay will not be so cranky tomorrow. I think we are gonna try to go play at Aunt Sarah's more often now that I sorta know how to get there.

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