Monday, November 5, 2007

More ups and downs

My father in law is doing much better and is actually back home now. We never expected that after the doctors said he would not leave the hospital. He spent some time in a extended care facility after the hospital but he is back home now.

Jeff has turned in a few applications and we are waiting to see who calls.

Taylor is sick with the stomach flu. Cameron finished his last dose of antibiotic today and then spiked another fever. He is starting to cough again and he is sleepy and his head hurts.
We will be calling the doctor in the morning.

My step Dad's brother passed away unexpectedly. Possibly a hunting accident. We are waiting to hear more.

My step Dad spent the day in the hospital with a nasty kidney infection.

We have MRSA and strep throat going around at work in addition to pneumonia.

If the huge brush pile isn't removed from the yard of our old house by, well, by yesterday we are gonna get a big fine from the city.

I am ready for a few quiet uneventful weeks. I am tired and I am tired of bad things happening.

On a lighter note, here are some random kid shorts from the day.

Sister figured out how to take off her diaper and has been doing so all day. We couldn't figure out where she was hiding them. Then Taylor sat down by the computer and found what is apparently now the dirty diaper storage shelf. The sliding tray on the desk where the keyboard would go if we weren't using a laptop.

This new hobby led to some interesting surprises around the house. She left a little pile of surprise on the floor in the family room. Luckily it was firm so it was easy to clean up. Cameron said it looked like a puppy. We were all a bit disturbed by that.

When I got home from work sister woke up and Cameron was already up because he was feeling sick. I decided to stick them both in the bath to try to bring Cam's fever down. After they got out sister peed all over the floor in the hallway and of course Cam walked right through it. Fun times!

I guess if you can come home from cleaning up after sick kids at work and then clean up more fluids from your own kids and still laugh about it things will be OK. When it's not funny anymore I will start to worry. Maybe I should worry that I think it is funny. Do all Moms find humor in such things? It must be a coping mechanism.

Cause of death was internal bleeding caused by injuries from falling out of a tree stand. He broke his pelvis and back. It's very sad.

Jeff had his follow up with the doctor today on his work injury. The doctor was very upset that he was fired. He said he has had other patients from that agency that had the same thing happen. He said he is submitting the paperwork for them to pay for 6 more sessions of PT and another MRI. The doctor said Jeff can not work in his current condition. The only possibility would be a desk job with absolutely no lifting. Even then he would need lots of breaks. So they have put in him a position of not being able to work. They aren't paying workers comp any longer because they fired him and he can't collect unemployment because he didn't work there long enough. The doctor asked if we have a lawyer yet. The whole situation sucks.

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