Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween pics

Preparing to carve pumpkins. Sister is drumming on the tops.
Cameron the yellow submarine
Sister was not feeling the part of the angel

Here she is a little more angelic

Taylor the monkey grim reaper and Cam enjoying an ice cream at the mall.

We visited the mall so the kids could see some other costumes. Cam's submarine got lots of good comments and Sister got lots of "How cute!" Taylor got puzzled looks which was probably what he was going for so he seemed happy. We grabbed some dinner then went back home to hit a few houses in our neighborhood. Danielle and Russ came by to drop off some candy then we went to Grandma's for more candy. We finished the evening at Sarah's house and she gave us more candy. It was good to see everyone and the costumes were fun. People are so creative. We really liked the robot we saw at the mall. We have soooo much candy in the house it is dangerous.

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