Monday, August 25, 2008

More cute kid quotes, they never end. I love it.

All are thrilled with the new baby. Kay can't say Sydney so she calls her baby Sinny.

Kay also says "That teetoes" When we tickle her and she calls the letter "W" "BubbleU"

Now for Cam....

We were complementing him on what a good big brother he is because he is so patient with Kay. He understands that she is still little and sometimes not very good at sharing. I said you must really love your sister. He answered "Well I don't love her all the time."

Cam came and asked me to open a package of crackers so he and Kay could have a picnic snack. I asked him to please be carefull not to make a big mess for me to have to clean. He said "But Mom, you dance when you clean up."

I guess that is true. I spend a lot of time cleaning and when the kids help I try to make it fun so we do dance sometimes. I hope they haven't been making more messes just because they think it makes me happy to clean and dance. So I told him to try to keep the mess to a minimum and we could just dance for fun.

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