Thursday, May 8, 2008

Andy Alligators celebration

Andy Alligators 001

We went to Andy Alligators because I had been wanting to take the kids to check it out since I heard about it opening. Celebrating Taylor's contest win seemed like a good reason.

They had a blast. It wasn't crowded and the staff were friendly. All of the machines worked and you don't need tokens. Everything runs with card readers. You load up a card with the amount you want your kid to have and they swipe it at each game or activity. Nice to not worry about keeping track of all those tokens.

Taylor had a blast and could do all of the activities on his own. Cameron could do most of the activities as a passenger with Taylor. He could even drive the bumper cars all on his own. Not much for Kay to ride because she is too short at the moment but she had fun bowling and playing a few games.

Taylor used his tickets to get Kay a light up butterfly wand. He is so sweet.

Andy Alligators 002

By the waterfall.

Andy Alligators 006

Is this a cigar store?

Andy Alligators 004

The Doctor's buggy.

Andy Alligators 011

Bumper boats.

Andy Alligators 013

This is me and Kay spraying them with the water gun.

Andy Alligators 015

This is fun!

Andy Alligators 017

Cam driving his own bumper car.

Andy Alligators 018


Andy Alligators 022

Taylor on the go cart. Cam coulden't go unless he road with a licenced driver. It's hard to tell because the picture is small here but he is signing I love you.

Andy Alligators 025


Andy Alligators 027

Andy Alligators 029

Andy Alligators 032

Kay gives it a shot from her stroller.

Andy Alligators 033

Taking a break.

Andy Alligators 035

Kay tries some games.

Andy Alligators 036

Turning in tickets at the self serve machine.

Andy Alligators 038

Andy Alligators 039

Andy Alligators 040Kay's two is showing. She didn't want to stop for a picture she wanted to run. She has the wand Taylor got for her. Cam got a football.

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